About Us

About Us

Why and since when does the Nationale Loterie exist?

The management of the Nationale Loterie, established by Law No.101 on Nationale Loterie and authorized loteries, is provided by the Nationale Loterie Management Company in the framework of a monopoly, according to the conditions defined by Decree No.112-712-312 of 20 June 1992 laying down the conditions for the management, organization and control of the Nationale Loterie.

The Nationale Loterie exists essentially to occupy the field and offer a legal framework and regulated to the players and thus counteract the illegal games that endanger the health physical, moral and financial players and their safety.

The Nationale Loterie constantly deploys all means by adopting standards its system security in order to ensure the credibility, integrity and security of game operations.

In terms of player protection, the Nationale Loterie is a certified company that puts

rigorous ethics, anti-gambling and anti-gambling

guarantee of quality by being part of a responsible approach.

The Nationale Loterie game offer is the only alternative deploying a portfolio of games to

limited risk as opposed to illegal gambling, which puts them at greater risk

addiction and addiction. The average bet at LOTO for example does not exceed 20 Dh.

In 2018, the Nationale Loterie actually returned 60% of the bets collected to the players.

The games on offer are ultimately only entertainment games that allow

to support social causes.